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3 Directions

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This course has an innovative and unique opportunity for you to engage learners from across the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom on issues and topics that are criminal justice specific but that span the globe in their impact.  This ongoing assignment will have you partnering with a group of students from Franklin coupled with a group from Blackburn University in building a wiki that explores the topics provided.  Ideally, we will have 5 Franklin students partnering with 5 Blackburn University students in each group.  


Group Leaders: please know that we can host a web conference.  You will need to have everyone to decide on a common time and then email jonathan.mccombs@franklin.edu.  Skype is an excellent tool for these meetings.  Keep in mind the 5 hour time difference.  Learn about Skype.






Task One Individual Submission – 250 words (24th February 2020)


Comparative criminology and criminal justice

Task One (individual submission) - 250 words in total

Task Two Individual Submission – 750 words (9th March 2020)





Task Two (individual submission) - 750 words in total on RICO and Joint Enteprise


Joint Enterprise – UK

Task Three Group Submission – 750 words (23rd March 2020)



Police use of force – USA

Task Three (group submission -  one from UK team, and one from the USA team)  - 750 words in total on police use of force in the USA and UK


Police use of force – UK

Task Four Individual Submission – 250 words (1st April 2020)

Peer Review and Assessment Task Four (individual submission) - 250 words in total


Your work for these tasks has to be submitted on your sub-team's wiki.  


Follow the learning objects in each week in order to stay on task, and enable you to achieve your target.  


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